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New York has a rich and varied heritage that manifests itself in the treasure trove of historic and cultural properties found in every community across this great state. These irreplaceable assets help to establish a locality’s distinctive character and sense of place, and historic preservation, which involves actions that safeguard and revitalize these valuable resources, is a powerful yet underused community development and environmental management strategy. Through its cyclical statewide planning process, the Division for Historic Preservation aims to encourage all New Yorkers to get involved in preserving and revitalizing historic and cultural resources in their hometowns.

The division, following federal historic preservation program requirements, prepares a statewide historic preservation plan every five years. With input from individuals, organizations, private enterprises and governments, the purpose of the plan is to identify and guide a variety of activities that further preservation efforts at the local, regional and state levels. The plan is intended to serve as a blueprint for identifying and preserving New York’s historic and cultural resources, and, through the planning cycle, can be periodically adjusted to address the state’s current needs, emerging issues and new opportunities. The plan also provides useful information about programs and resources that have the potential to support a variety of preservation and community development efforts.

The New York State Historic Preservation Plan for 2015-2020 promises to help all New Yorkers identify, preserve, enhance and promote the state’s heritage and culture as well as achieve the social, economic and environmental benefits associated with historic preservation. We invite everyone to review this plan, which outlines a broad set of goals and objectives combined with specific strategies that can be tailored to a wide range of people, places and circumstances; these include:

  • Expand preservation efforts across the state by:
    • Strengthening the practice of preservation
    • Enhancing collaboration to advance preservation
    • Training New Yorkers in preservation trades, skills and crafts
    • Showcasing preservation contributions
  • Promote preservation at the local and regional level by:
    • Integrating preservation into local and regional planning
    • Building support for preservation among officials and developers
  • Cultivate pride of place by:
    • Expanding and diversifying participation in preservation activities
    • Engaging New Yorkers in historic sites and museums
    • Capitalizing on heritage tourism opportunities
  • For more information about the goals and objectives as well as strategies, see Section V of the plan.


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