SHPO Online Tools

The following Web applications below, require Microsoft Internet 6.0 (or above) or Safari.


State Preservation Historical Information Network Exchange (SPHINX)

This newly revamped system tracks survey data on more than 250,000 properties in the state. Users can seek out information regarding historic resources within specific municipalities.

To Access SPHINX use the following login:
USER ID: pub/1031

Document Imaging for National Register

The State and National Registers of Historic Places Document Imaging program provides access to scanned images of New York's nomination documents and other related materials. Users of the system can take advantage of a powerful search program that can sort these nomination files based on a variety of information including Location, National Register Criteria, Architectural Styles, Building Materials and Areas of Significance.

The Geographic Information System for Archeology and National Register

Begun in 1989 this system provides a map depicting the approximate boundaries of each of the New York's State and National Register properties and districts. A second overlay depicts the general boundary of the state's known archeological areas. The user can simply select a county and town and then zoom into the map of the community to find the location of a listed property or known areas of archeological sensitivity. (All archeological sites are protected by a buffer zone)

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