Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site

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Bennington Battlefield State Historic Site is the location of a Revolutionary War battle between the British forces of General John Burgoyne and Colonel Friedrich Baum against the American forces under Brigadier General John Stark and Colonel Seth Warner. This battle was fought in August 1777 in a British effort to capture American storehouses in Bennington to restock their depleting provisions. The British forces had underestimated the strength of their enemy and most of their men were killed or taken prisoner while the Americans sustained smaller losses. The British surrendered on October 17, 1777, after two unsuccessful battles in Saratoga. Facilities at the site include game fields, 276 acres, interpretive panels, information room, and restrooms.

Route 67
Walloomsac, NY 12090
Mailing Address
c/o Grafton Lakes State Park
PO Box 163
Grafton, NY 12082
Phone: (518) 686-7109
Secondary Phone: (518) 279-1902
Saratoga/Capital District Region
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